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Revitalising Your Inner Senses.

The Chamber of La Vostra Essenza  is an authentic perfumery casa dedicated to the expression of senses via the creation of fragrances for men and women.
Fusing the historical art of Italian perfumery with the world finest ingredients,
La Vostra Essenza seek to tell olfactory stories capturing moods and moments, conjuring up the subconsciousness via redolent scents of conspicuous resilience. We create our own inspirations of premium & luxurious fragrances, accessible to fragrance lovers, and enticing all to begin their own exquisite fragrance journey.
  • 2 years prototyping to get the right fragrance essence
  • 37 prototypes of essence tested
  • Experiments held from various chemist / perfumers
  • 19 noses for test reviews



La Vostra Essenza  is not just a bespoke perfume house. We believe in bringing perfumery as an art to life and revitalize your senses. We believe in minimalism without compromising the power of essence it brings to your inner soul. Minimalist packaging, luxurious essence.
Harnessing these sensory powers, empowering the focus and ambitious men and women in their life goals journey.
You, powerful men and women, deserves royalty perfumes to encompass your life wherever you will be, whomever you will encounter in your adventure.

Welcome To Your Essence Universe!

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