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EPISODE 1 | Primo Viaggio Collection

The First Journey Collection

Primo Viaggio Collection represents the first episode of La Vostra Essenza journey, with two bold provocative fragrances For The Confident & Sophisticated Him and Her

EP 01 | Primo Viaggio

Aromatic Fougère Notes

lamante fragrance for him la vostra essenza

Fresh herbs, the fundamental ingredients in perfumery, especially for men's.

The expansive aromatic family offers various ingredients, such as lavender, mint, rosemary, thyme, sage, and basil. This family note is often associated with masculinity in perfumery.

The use of aromatic notes “smell” masculine, equivalent to the use of flowers “smell” feminine.

Our Primo Viaggio Collection: L'AMANTE For Him are a great illustration for Aromatic Fougère Notes fragrance.

EP 01 | Primo Viaggio

The Amber Notes

AUBY LA ROSA eau de parfum la vostra essenza

Encompasses warm fragrances with very present, sweet, and opulent trails

It does not matter between masculine or feminine, amber fragrances are undoubtedly the hottest and most sensual of all. The key raw materials of the oriental family include sweet base notes like vanilla, tonka bean, myrrh, frankincense, styrax, benzoin and opoponax.

Our Primo Viaggio Collection : AUBY LA ROSA For Her illustrates the Amber Floral Notes fragrance.

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